Sunday, 1 November 2015

Chanzie's Backpack iPod Adventures #1 - Loving Penang

Hello Awesome People of the World

I know I have been extremely quiet but life has been busy. Teaching just consumes you sometimes and I was working on the October Camp for my school which was 7 days a week for almost an entire month! Other than going through some life changes, I wasn't actually sure what to share and what to write.  

Then another adventure appeared in my life and I felt like I had something to share again!!! I think most of the teachers here don't enjoy the trip to Penang for a visa run and the border crossing can be a bit stressful but I decided that Penang is fun and I meet the most interesting people which just makes it awesome and what you wish you will receive. 

The time came for another trip to Penang for a new visa. To say the few weeks before this was stressful for me is an understatement but that's how you learn right? So my visa expired on the 20th October but I was supposed to leave Thailand on the 19th. We only handed in the application for my work permit in the 19th and it takes 3 days to process. Hence, I went into overstay in Thailand. What stressed me out the most about this is the question: Will this be a mark in my travel record and name for the rest of my life? I truly hope this won't be held against me in the future for my future travels.

(Just want to mention that an Indonesia haze pulled in at this point and I ventured out to buy a mask. I never thought I'd be at a point where I'd want a mask but I could totally feel my chest closing up and a bit of a headache from it! Rather safe than sorry.)

I picked up my work permit on the morning of the 22nd. They only granted me a 6 month permit due to RSA being on some watch list or something *sigh*. Anyway my HR dude took me to Hat Yai where I caught a minivan to Penang. I was travelling on my own for the first time in a long time and not too a specific person either. This felt like true winging it!! Plus, I was totally Wifi dependent when you cross the Sadoa Thai/Malaysian border. I understand the saying 'I love you more than Wifi' now... 

When I got to the border I was fined 1500 baht for being in overstay. The lady who was 'fining' me was not so friendly at all but I just nodded and paid. Then her boss walked in and had the hugest smile - for some reason he took a liking to me, whether it be my green eyes or blond hair, I was happy to see a friendly face and smiled back. Once again I thank my parents for my features that work for me, as they say if you got it and it works for you, use it!

4 hours later, I arrived in Penang.

Another point before we get to the visa deets... I was not in Penang for even 20 minutes and a local started talking to me and gave me his telephone number saying I must come eat a burger at his stall somewhere in Penang... Ha ha he wanted me to go with him like right then!! Eish... I politely declined and detangled myself from that situation. I was a bit freaked out that he might have been following me, because first he walked into the first shop I went into and complimented me on my skin...??? Then I saw him in the second shop I went into for water and then again he pulled up on his motorcycle while I was walking to find the hotel I wanted to book into before heading to do my visa stuff. After he left I wasn't sure if he turned around to head back my way so I quickly ducked into the hotel!!

I dropped off my bag and headed straight to Banana Inn, the visa place I used last time, thinking get my visa papers in asap but to my slight panic they told me they cannot process my visa for me as one of my documents was not an original!! Eish!!! Lucky the lady was so nice, she told me that if I went straight to the Thai consulate and did the application myself, there should be no problems. Eeek!!! She would help me get a taxi there the next morning.

Well I hoped for the best otherwise someone from my school was going to have to bring me this very important document, because I am unable yo get back into Thailand without a visa!! All my stuff is there. Worst case I guess I could have just bought a flight back to RSA and figure out my life from there. But keeping positive thoughts here that all would be okay and the process would be smooth and easy.

So off I went back to my hostel which I enjoyed staying at - The Red Inn. Only 25 Ringett a night (isn't that such a cool currency name!!! Ringett I love it). After settling in I took a shower and then headed out to find some food. Originally I went to this Briyani restaurant but they were a bit pricey so I found a nice little road stall and bought some noodle type dish - it was very good. There were actually no tables available so I asked if I could sit with the only two western type looking people. They were pretty cool and polite. A Brit and an Italian - making new friends. So we headed to The Reggae bar for a drink. Much to my delight it was ladies night and I could have free drinks until 9 pm. *savings score*.

I love Penang. 

You are basically guaranteed to meet awesome interesting people. Travellers unite ha ha ha. By 9 pm we had a variety of nationalities at our table including: (OK all my good stories clearly start with...) A German, Swiss, Brit, Italian, Czech, Mexican, Malaysian and of course me a South African. Can you believe I was giving a few of them a crash course in basic Thai phrases!! I was so proud ha ha ha

Fun times!! Eish... I even got my heart broken by the Mexican... So we were talking about how I love Spanish and want to learn it plus that I love Mexican Food - when he informed me that... wait for it.... Nachos... my all beloved favourite Mexican dish... Was in fact not Mexican at all!!! Wait What... heart shattered and dreams broken *sigh* not cool dude. Anyway he made up for it by teaching me a few Spanish words. Did you know burrito means little donkey... bwahahaha laugh of the evening for me for sure!

We all chilled and chatted until about 11 pm, connected on Facebook and whatsapp before I headed home for some much needed sleep. I woke at about 7 am but snoozed until about 7:45am. Got ready, had two slices of toast before heading down to Banana Inn. I decided to try a mango smoothie type drink too - only in Asia man... a straw and a bag. It was yummy though! So next, off I went to the Thai consulate. 

I love the randomness of life. So there was a very kind Malaysian dude that helped me fill out all the forms, all went smoothly and I started randomly talking to an American who was also applying for a 3 month visa and happens to be a diving instructor! We caught a cab back to Chulia street and grabbed a bite to eat at this coffee shop that serve the most delicious salmon and cream cheese bagel ever!!! Only after an hour did we realise we didn't know each others name. Lol, I said our visas will expire round the same time so maybe will see him in 3 months. He joked and said we will probably be penang buddies ha ha ha. So add another nationality to the list!

Anyway I made my way back to my hostel and needed to decide if I was going to KL to try watch the MotoGP or chill in Penang until Monday. I figured you know what... its not every weekend there is a GP close by and worst case its an adventure to KL if I cannot get a ticket. I can explore Penang next time. Plus 2 friends from Songkhla were in KL for the MotoGP. Why not I ask?? Plus I know at least one friend (Buzz) who would kill for this opportunity... so doing it for me and doing it for him!!! He is a Rossi fan and my new Mexican friend is a Marquez fan...  So will see.

So I hopped on a bus and took another detour in this adventure!!

... To Be Continued ...

Thursday, 27 August 2015

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Dear Future Love of My Life

Dear Future Love of My Life

I hope you arrive soon, but I know you are making your way to me as fast as you can. You will arrive at the perfect time when we are ready to meet (if we haven't met already).

I know you need to go through things so that you can be ready to meet me and visa versa so we can truly appreciate each other.

I hope I know its you when we first meet, if you are already in my life, I hope when I do realise its you, it knocks me off my feet.

Here is one of the few things I want you know, if a girl hasn't already explained this to you: 

I want to hear from you.

There is no such thing as being too busy only a matter of priorities. I don't always need long lengthy conversations, just a smiley face and quick thinking of you will be enough to make my day complete and I'll be beaming with joy. We both have jobs and get busy - I get it.  

I am sorry about the girl who broke your heart, I am not her. Please don't shut me out. I know you are not my ex's or any of the players that hurt me, so I will try not to punish you for their mistakes. I will work on trusting you and I will work to earn you trust equally.

I won't do anything to you that I wouldn't want done to me. Only the first time is a mistake, every time after that is a choice. I'll put you first and love you with all I got and all that I am capable of. 

Love is always a risk. Risking a little, gains you a little. Risking a lot... well you get my drift so I might as well give you all I have to give. I took time out to heal from past hurts so that I know I am complete and ready to love you the way you deserve to be loved and I know you will be worth my investment - not of the money type but of my love and time. 

I can be moody and sensitive at times, but I hope you love me anyway. My sensitivity allows me to understand things better and love more deeply. Don't use it against me, love me for it. You are not perfect either but I know you will be perfect for me. 

Here is another thing you need to know: 

I always bounce back to a good happy place, love me regardless of where I am at. If I go too far, hold my hand and bring me back. I'll always be there for you too. 

I am not a fighter and I don't believe fights should lead to breakups. I am not one of those people that break up a millions times and then go through it all over again. If you want to be with me, be with me and stick it out. It's not the end we are just smoothing out the wrinkles or hitting a speed bump. If we can't get over it together, at least we can try and find a way around it.... together. 

'The challenge of being together is at staying together and working through things together' ~ my awesome cousin Jean

The things that tear normal couples apart, bring great couples even closer together. 

I don't ever want to go to sleep with angry words between us and please never give me the silent treatment. There is probably nothing worse than that. 

Don't underestimate my strength to stand my ground. I am a peace keeper but I know what I will and won't stand for.

I will only ever have eyes for you, 
I hope you love me enough that I am that for you too. 

I'll always do my best to: 

- Pick you up when you are down

- turn your frown upside down
- make you laugh
- give you hope
- cheer you on towards your goals 
- dream dream dream together
- have as much fun as possible and live the best life we are capable of

I don't need expensive things. I just want you. I can have all the material things in the world but if I don't have you, my best friend - it means nothing. Memories are so much more valuable. Take me to the beach, let's go swim in the sea or snorkel, buy an ice-cream and then go home and fall asleep while watching a movie or something. Simple things in life make me happy. 

I love to travel, let's go explore! 

I don't want teddy's and chocolates on Valentine Day. Roses and Sushi while chilling next to a fire is just fine with a bottle of champagne. I don't care about the day itself, it's about the effort and thought more than anything else. 

I love surprises and I love to celebrate! #JustPuttingItOutThere

What's the point if we can't appreciate and celebrate even the smallest things in life. Be happy and be grateful. 

There are 5 important days to me:

- Your Birthday, My Birthday, Our Anniversary, Valentines Day and Christmas. 

Family is important. Yours, mine and hopefully one day ours. 

Coming home to you will always be the best part of my day. 
Take those two minutes to hug me tight and kiss me hello. 

Novelties never get old. 


Monday, 24 August 2015

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Dear Insecure Girlfriend

Dear Insecure Girlfriend

Great I got your attention.

This might come as a surprise to you but I have been where you are. For just a moment I would like to talk to you and hopefully show you another perspective or side to this little war or debacle you think we might be having. I promise you this is not the case.  

Here is the first the first thing I want to tell you: 

If he is flirting with me while he has an amazing girlfriend like you 
- I definitely don't want him.

I know there are some really messed up girls out there that really don't give a dam and wouldn't hesitate two seconds to cross the line and take what they want regardless of who they step on. I am not that type of girl, so please don't throw me into that box. I do have morals, values and standards. I know I made mistakes too when I was younger but we all have to grow up sometime. 

If he is in a committed relationship and he is flirting with other girls, he automatically falls into the idiot / douche bag category in my books. 

If he can do it to you, he can do it to me. It's that simple.

I don't mind if a guy is chatting to me and 10 girls at the same time - as long as he isn't in a committed relationship or leading them on to believe they have a future. But the minute a guy has set his intentions on one girl... I have enough respect to walk away. I don't know you but I respect you and what belongs to you.

When you see me out being happy, having fun and laughing. That's all I am doing. Not scheming and plotting to steal your man. I firmly believe: How it begins is how it ends. 

I get it - There is a fine line between friendly and flirting. It is a conversation that I have had with a few of my ex's a few times over the past few years. You don't know what I have been through to get to where I am today, and I don't know what he has done to make you feel like you are anything less than beautiful and worth it. It took a massive heartbreak and a lot of tears and healing for me to get to a comfortable happy spot again. If I wanted to have another boyfriend by now, I could have had one but I deserve a good one too. 

I am sorry you thought all those terrible things about me because he was being a selfish insensitive ass. Please know I would never do that to you because I would never want that done to me again. I don't know how I became 'that girl' but it does suck. I don't want to be viewed as a piece of meat or a trophy. 

My last point to consider is that maybe I already have a person that I like and he has my full attention and he is the only one I want to be flirting with, we not dating but hopefully we will.

The only thing I ask you is that I hope you realise how amazing you are and that you are totally worth it. Don't put up with being treated anything less than amazing. You deserve someone who only has eyes for you.

That Supposed Girl

Thursday, 20 August 2015

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Welcome to the Expat Life

~ Welcome to the expat life ~

The Expat life: It can be awesome, good, great, bad, sad, tough, adventurous, amazing and sometimes even heartbreaking. 

It is the ultimate lesson of living in the moment and not getting attached. You'll meet amazing people you might never see again and you'll randomly meet people who might be in your life again sooner than you think. 

The right people always come along at the right time, its just up to you to seize the moment. They might hurt you, it will always be a risk, or they might be the best thing that has happened to you in a long time. 

You'll do things you never imagined and see places or things beyond your wildest dreams and have the most interesting fascinating and crazy conversations. 

It can be crazy fun amazing. It is up to you to embrace and appreciate it.

People will challenge you, teach you or help you - whatever it is, it will help you grow. 

They will make you sad, mad or crazy but they can also make you laugh, live or love beyond measure. 

The ones who challenge you are the ones who probably bless you and teach you the most. Thank them, even if its just in your mind.

You find friendships in the strangest of places and at the most random times but its a gift!

Life can be unpredictable,exciting, and hard at times but it can be and will most probably always be totally worth it.

Soundtrack of My Life ~ Sexy Chick

Hey Hey RockStars!!!

Welcome back to the soundtrack of my life. I really do just love it when I hear an old school favourite and it brings back of flood of memories and good times. Music lights up my spirit that is for sure. So I was somewhere out and about and either heard this song or something triggered the memory linked to it. 

Bumpy and Me
You know when you find a song and you literally have it on replay in your car, on your iPod and maybe even as your ringtone? Yeah I am pretty sure this was one of those songs for me. This is a song from 5 years ago, so I was about 24 years old and Guy and I had been dating for about 3 years and life was good. We were supremely happy and lived in a loft apartment (I loved it - there is just something about sleeping upstairs, being close to the roof and especially when it rained) and we always had something on the go or going on. 

So lets get down to the song... oh it was such a failure of a mission but definitely one of my best memories! 
Sexy Chick by David Guetta ft Akon

So it was a Friday night and for some reason we did not have people over?? This was a rare occasion as our house had a flow of friends through it all the time. Most times it felt like we were the party house. Some people even got into trouble for even sneaking off to our place! Once we even had a friends band playing in our living room and we lived in a complex #OurPoorNeighbours - but that is a story for another day. 

Christell and Me

Anyway back to this Friday night. So I was in the mood for some fun and an adventure and apparently so was Guy. So as we were sitting there trying to think up of something fun to do (9pm at night)- one of us mentioned Jeffreys Bay... So I said why don't we just go there for a party? It didn't take much to convince Guy - who was always up for a good time. So we called up our best mate, Bumpy (who had recently broke up with his Ex) and informed him we were coming to kidnap him and take him with us on a party mission to JBay. Yep we did - told him to be ready in 20 minutes as we were on our way. Bumpy was working the next morning at 7am but we were not taking no for an answer and told him it was out duty as his best mates to take him on this adventure with us. Good times guarateed. Excitement was buzzing in the air! We arrived at his place and missioned in my good old faithful Golf (As I think I was the only one with enough fuel). 

It is about a 40-50 minute drive (Which is far for anyone who lives in Port Elizabeth - anything further than 20 minutes and you need to pack a picnic). We popped in the party cd and blasted it to the max. 

So we arrived in Jbay.... and it was as dead as a graveyard. There was absolutely nothing going on anywhere. We drove around to a few places... nothing! So eventually at about 2 am we decided to abandon the mission and head home. 

Look it wasn't a complete disaster.. we have a fab time - just the three of us and we laughed until we there were tears in our eyes and our stomachs hurt. 

(Since then Bumpy did meet and marry the love of his life, Christell, and they are extremely happy. They are both still two of my best friends.)

Life was good and I wouldn't change a thing or trade that memory for anything. 

I just want to add that I totally love the white swimsuit in this video and if I wasn't so paranoid about weird tan lines I would own it by now!! 

Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me!

Good times - June 2015

Peace out

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Soundtrack of My Life ~ Sk8r Boi

Hey Hey Awesome Peeps!!!

Life is life right... it ebbs and flows! Then I post a lot, and sometimes an entire week or more has past and I have barely touched sides, let alone worked on a post. 

I found so many awesome songs and memories I want to share with you, that is has been a bit difficult deciding which one I should share right now. There was also a part of me that was going to share another USA memory, and I think it is just because I am so in love with the USA all over again.

One of the things I really love about these posts is that I really have to sit and think about how to describe this moment that I can feel and see so clearly in my mind and draw you into it as if you were there right with me. Fair enough, it might not always work but hey I am trying!!!

If you here reading this, I must be doing something right *tee hee* So lets get this show on the road..

Sk8r Boi by Avril Lavigne

I love it how I do somehow manage to make the most random friends, in the most random ways and in the most random places. I love it and have come to appreciate and look forward to these beautiful spontaneous events. 

So going back to 2003 when I was in Matric, my parentals promised to take me to Mauritius before I finished High School. I was lucky enough to go on this holiday in April 2003 with them. I actually only realised a few years later how truly blessed I was then (and now). 

The first days were awesome, my parents are awesome and adventurous. You can be sure we will always be doing something fun out and about. We are not the sit in a hotel room, sleep late and not going anywhere type of people. (Hmmmm wonder where I got that from.... This does start to explain my love of travelling and adventures) (PS there is nothing wrong with staying in your hotel room.. we just not these kind of peeps - each to there own). We went to the market, bargained with the locals, had lunch at Spur and my mom and I went snorkeling around this boat that had a glass cabin below deck - my mom and I took turns to dive down and wave to my Dad. 

The strange thing about Mauritius is that is was cheaper to buy a glass of wine than it was to buy a bottle of water #GoFigure. Anyway so one evening I was chilling with my parents after dinner when a waiter brought over a glass of wine and handed it to me. I looked at my parents quizzically and said thank you. They laughed at me and said it wasn't from them. The waiter then proceeded to tell me that it was from 2 boys sitting over there (pointing in a general direction) and then left. Not sure what I was actually supposed to do next, my parents basically booted my butt in the direction of 2 cute guys sitting on the steps and told me to go and say thank you. 

They told me their names were Angelo and Paul (or something like that). They were not very good at keeping these roles up as they would inevitably call each other by their real names, Kevin and Carl. They were twins who actually lived in Johannesburg. What are the chances I would make two friends in Mauritius that were from South Africa. 
We were only at the hotel for 2 or 3 more days but I made 2 new friends and we had a blast. We checked out the 'hotel nightclub' which really just sucked and we ended up just swimming in the pool or chilling on the beach. 

I am sad to say that I have actually never seen them again but I spent a lot of airtime texting these two throughout my Matric year. Add to it that I had the hugest crush on Kevin and Carl's girlfriend stalked/harassed me to no end! 

What an interesting year it was. 

I totally loved Avril Lavigne and well you know how girls are... they attach songs to people and yeah Kevin was my skater boy crush. 

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me! 

Peace out

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Soundtrack of My Life ~ Make it Bun Dem

Hello Rockstars!!!

I hope you are ready for another Soundtrack of my life post! I am sure you guys understand that some songs and memories are tougher to share than others. Initially when Guy and I broke up, I felt like I had nothing to share that didn't involve him (Since he was part of the last 7 years of my life) which was hard because he was kind of the last person I wanted to talk about and seemed to be the only thing some friends wanted to know about. Add to that that some friends decided I was a threat and might possibly want their husbands after being friends for so many years, which just sucked because it couldn't have been further from the truth. I wanted absolutely nothing to do with men for a while. 

Anyway, since then I have made new memories and some new friends, even reconnected with some old friends and it is a bit easier to share a memory or two, when it comes up. I have taken time out to heal and started living a life I want to remember and am proud to share and say 'Yeah I did that!' 

Make it Bun Dem by Damian Marley & Skrillex

Make it Bun Dem is linked to such a random memory and yet it is one of my favourites that always brings a smile to my face. Two of our friends, Anzette and Roché (Also known as Ranger Roach) came to visit us for the weekend in Summer. Guy Still had his company Jeep and we took the top down and decided to take a quick adventure trip to the beach. Since this was Guy, it was never a simple trip, it would normally involve some off road trail (We ended up in some interesting places to put it mildly most of the time) and hopefully not getting stuck or sliding down a dune... you get the picture... 

While we were travelling down Sardinia Bay road and listening to 5fm, Make it Bun Dem played on the radio and we just blasted the song and were all jamming to it. It sort of became like a running anthem for a while. When Guy and Roche were together, you are always guaranteed a ton of laughs.  

Even though so much has changed, this is still one of my favourite tunes and I am grateful to have had such awesome times. 

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me!

Peace out

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Friday, 24 July 2015

MWYA Random Ramblings ~ Life

Hey Hey Hey!!!

Have you ever thought about the difference between knowing something and realising it? There is a huge difference between the two. There are times to contemplate life and then there are times when you just need to live it! 

I believe this - l also believe life is also about balance. I love discovering new concepts and learning about life and expanding my spiritual knowledge and I admire the zen people who have this ever lasting calm about them and they just seem to be vibrating above the rest of us normal people - But sometimes I just want to be human. 

Generally I am always reading some form of enlightenment book and sometimes I can go 2 or 3 months without reading anything of the sort and am just living and being human. 

Sometimes I just want to be silly and carefree and all of the things that go with that. I want to laugh about stupid stuff until I cry with happy tears and my stomach aches. Or go chill on the beach and just listen to the waves soothing my senses and soul.

I find that if I don't take these time outs or go through these phases, what should be 'enlightening' becomes heavy. Just being, instead of searching has it's own beauty. What's the point of doing all this searching if you are not going to enjoy who you have worked so hard to be and not taken time out to appreciate who you are and how far you have come. Even when you are not actively searching you are still learning. I am the eternal observer, I love to people watch and contemplate. I do it without even realising it. We are always connected to the Source/God/Spirit.  

I found some great wisdom while going through a course called the Gem, run by non-other than the fabulous, Donna the Fairy Godmother. 

She talks about the 4 'A's of life:

Awareness, Allowing, Acceptance and Appreciation. 

You need to feel it, before you can release it. These past few months I have been part of the flow experiment, even though I haven't been an active participant on the Facebook group, it is always at the back of my mind. When a situation arises, I contemplate how I can flow through it. I read other people's stories and this is my way of learning as well. The flow of life is beautiful, I have learnt to go with the current instead of swimming upstream. If I have a lot to do, I think to myself, what do I feel like doing now and you know what, sometimes that is nothing and I just want to sit in the sun and soak up the rays. Other times I am active and motivated and I fly through the 'to-do' list. 

Balance helps me create a more stable life and I have found the content space when I have needed it. Yes, to a degree I have been frustrated that things are not happening as fast as I would like, but this has taught me a few things, patience and to let things happen when they are meant to, just to name a few. Not everything is meant to work out and there is probably something better waiting to take place. Sometimes things happen in sequence, so that something fantastic can take place, and sometimes good things fall apart so that great things can fall together. 

That's life. 
Life  happens, move on, stay positive. 

Life can be difficult. Life can be hard. None of us can escape pain, grief or loneliness. They never said it would be easy, only that it would be worth it. Worth it to fight for. Worth it to live for. It doesn't matter what happens, only how we decide to respond to it. 

My wish for you is to find a happy balanced space and to start living a life to remember.

Peace Out

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Soundtrack of My Life - Santeria

Hello Beauties!!!

I hope you are ready for another Soundtrack of my life post! This isn't a blog hop but feel free to join in and visit the very awesome blog of Robin @ Your Daily Dose
These are posts where I write about a song and the story linked to it. 

An all time favourite song of mine I am quite excited to share with you is Santeria by Sublime. This song takes me straight back to the USA and an amazing bunch of people!

I have always been in love with the USA. In High School all my friends had these huge plans to go to the UK. There was initially a small group of us who were going to the USA but by the end of the year it was only me who was still committed to going. 

My parents made a deal with me, they said that if I planned and arranged my way to the USA, I could go. Deal!!! I was writing my finals in October / November 2003 and making trips to Cape Town on weekends for either interviews with prospective employers or the US embassy. I was determined. My parents would pick me up on a Friday afternoon after whatever exam I wrote, we would make the 8 hour drive to CT, I would learn somewhere in between for my next exam on Monday, do whatever was needed to do on Saturday, make the drive back on Sunday and be back at boarding school Monday morning. 

It was intense. It was hectic. It was worth it. 

I got a job offer, which placed me at the Westin Resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. There I was, 18 years old, climbed on a plane to go live in the USA on my own. What the hell was I thinking? I was either brave or stupid, but it was the best year of my life! 

Santeria by Sublime

So back to this awesome group of people. 

They were:

Cinzia - Was just awesome and she just brought her own sunshine where ever she went. She was just always happy. (We have lost contact over the years)
Nadia - Nadia was just as awesome, crazy and happy as Cinzia. She never conformed to a box but made her own space. (We have lost contact over the years)
Marlise - The awesome sweety-pie of the group. You could just see and feel that she was sincere and a great person. (Still friends and she is still awesome)

(For reference purposes I was a very shy and quiet type person back then. 
Naive and innocent - I know right, if only I knew then what I know now)

From Left: Andrew, Cinzia, Me, Ethan, Roy, Guy? and Marlise
Andrew - I just thought Andrew was awesome. I had labelled him my favourite American when I was there. He dated Cinzia and they were just the cutest couple ever! He was just always really nice to me, never let me feel left out.  (No clue where he is in the world)
Roy - Hmmm where do I begin. We were friends even though we didn't speak much? I think I was just to shy to actually talk to him most of the time. (Still friends)
Ethan - The party boy of the group and life of a party. Sweet and fun. We got along quite well and I always had a good laugh and time whenever he was around. (Still friends)

There were other people around but for the life of me I can't remember who they are or how they fit into the equation. I look through my pictures and sorta go 'Who the hell is that?'

Anyway back to the story! I either heard this song at one of the parties we were at or in the car on the way to a  party - one way or another. It stuck with me and I think of these 6 amazing people every time. 

Thanks to good ole faithful Facebook, I get to connect with these peeps now, 11 years later. Do you have any friends that represent a huge life altering period in your life? 

Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me!

Peace out


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The Soundtrack of My Life ~ Glycerine

Hello lovelies

So one of my blogger friend, Robin @ Your Daily Dose has a series of posts where she writes about a story or memory from her life linked to a song. I was thinking about doing something similar a while ago (before I discovered her posts) and totally loved this idea!

Initially I found it hard to think of one particular song as I love music so much ad have tons of memories linked to so many songs. Where do I start? So I consulted my good friend iTunes and found one of my all time favourite songs and realised it would be a perfect first post. 

My stories might not be as awesome or interesting as Robin's, but I will be sharing some songs that have special places in my heart and on my ipod. 

Glycerine by Bush

This is one of those songs that I will literally stop whatever I am going and listen to. It takes me straight back to my teenage years. 

The first time I heard this song, one of my friends, Chase, was playing it on the guitar and I just fell in love with it. After that, every single time there was a guitar close by I would ask him to play Glycerine for me. Eventually I didn't even have to ask #MyBad #ThanksDude. 

Then - 2003
Plus there is just something sexy about a guy who can play the guitar. Some of my best memories are just around a bonfire with the guys taking turns to play. The good old days with a great group of friends: Chad, Chase, Brett, Anna, Claire and myself. (Since I am Thailand I am unable to post a pic of all the peeps!)

Maybe this is one of the reasons I love acoustic versions of songs so much. 

I have known Chase since I was 14. It was one of those friendships that seemed to make it through everything, plus throughout the 15 years I had a crush on him many times, I never told him though. 

I am thankful though that nothing ever came of it, because I am glad to still have him around. I am not his type and he isn't my type anymore but he is an awesome friend who will always just tell you how it is - no nonsense. 

Now - 2015
So as you can see, Glycerine has a special place in my life and one that will stay with me forever. Do you have any of those friendships that have made it through a lot and you are grateful to still have them around? 

I am looking forward to sharing more memories and music with you!! 

Peace out


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