Friday, 18 March 2016

Chanzie's Backpack iPod travels #3 - Sepang


So as you can see I am gradually getting back into my blogging but this time with no rules! I do it because I love it and not for the views or comments or pressure. So lets get to the second half of my Malaysia trip. 

Here are the previous posts #1 and #2 if you need a refresher...

Okay so we left off with me being stranded for a bit in Malaysia's version of 'Pit Sonder Water' and I had to catch another train to KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport). From there I caught a taxi to the hotel. It cost me about 25 Ringett - Holy Smokes.... I checked into City View Hotel into a backpacker room and chilled out for a while. I tried to call one of my buds Buzz but the wifi connection wasn't strong enough. If there was anyone in the world that would have wanted to be there with me, it would have been him!

After resting for a bit I headed downstairs to get something to eat at the restaurant next door when it started to pour with rain! When I say pour... I mean like buckets and buckets and super hard.  I was contemplating heading down to the track but had just missed the Qualifying anyway so I headed back up to my room and napped. 

Later I decided to venture out and explore this one horse town and finally found a little pub type shop to have a beer. I managed to catch up with Alenka and John, where we had quite a few more beers and a very interesting conversation with some random Aussies. I called it a night at about 11pm and had the worst night ever!!!!! Two Indonesian peeps were so inconsiderate and spoke on the top of their voices until about 3 am. Initially some peeps thought I was the mean one because they walked in while I was asking them to be quiet. After I had asked them to be a bit quieter they ended up swearing at me and speaking louder. I just ignored them the best I could. They were up again at about 5 am. Guess staying in a backpacker room will always be a gamble. 

I was up early and grabbed a bite to eat with A&J before we headed down to the track. We went our separate ways at the main entrance and I headed to the C2 section. I had not even made it to the grass section where a group of KL Malays decided to adopt me.

We watched MotoGP 3, the one time I didn't want a corner, the rider I was supporting came off his bike! The energy and excitement definitely goes up with every race. it increased for MotoGP 2 and that was an entire new level of racing compared to MotoGP3.

I had so many Malay dudes try and be my personal escort and bodyguard! Eish... I thought Thai peeps were possessive and Malay's were chilled... Opposite!

Wow... The main MotoGP race was awesome. I distanced myself from the welcoming yet a little possessive group and watched the main race on my own on the side of the hill. It was a bit cooler and had a breeze. By the time the main race started I was totally team Marquez and by the end I was totally team Honda. Rossi did a shitty move which took Marquez out of the race which sucked but I continued to support Pedrosa! I loved every minute of this day.
After the race I ended up walking back to the main gate to find Alenka and John... I went right and this seemed to be the long way around...see I should have gone left! 

We made our way back to the hotels where I took a much much much needed shower, before heading out to dinner with A&J. I spoke to the front desk and asked if I could change rooms as those two ladies were so inconsiderate that I could not do another night with them. Luckily they had checked out and I was actually the only on in the entire dorm for that night. 

Since I was up to an early start to head back to Penang, I called it an earlyish night. There is only so much you can do in a one horse town. 

Life is good and I am happy ☆ this was an awesome last minute adventure!!!!

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